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Cost Comparison

Choosing a STARband can be a more efficient treatment option.

Once a baby is diagnosed with a head shape deformity and requires cranial remolding treatment, it begins by taking the baby’s head shape measurement. Traditionally, this has meant taking a plaster cast of the baby’s head – a process that takes 15- 30 minutes and is often traumatic, tearful and messy for the baby and parents. Orthomerica’s STARscanner, by contrast, uses laser technology to scan a baby’s head in less than 2 seconds and captures 3-D head shape data that is accurate to within 0.5mm. The STARscanner expedites this part of the process. Once the data is collected, it is emailed directly to Orthomerica to begin immediate manufacturing of the custom-made STARband. STARband treatment is most effective when using the STARscanner to capture the baby’s head shape data. It is more accurate and is able to be submitted quickly, which enables the STARband to be custom-made to the actual baby’s head shape.

Only One STARband May Be Needed!

Each STARband is custom-made as specified by the practitioner with the data provided by the STARscanner. The STARband is custom-made with full correction which means less follow-up visits would be needed and, as long as the STARband is worn as directed, for the majority of patients, only one helmet may be needed.

Convenient Locations!

More than 130 STARscanners are in use at prestigious institutions including clinics and hospitals throughout the world. Visit our STARscanner location page to find a location close to you.