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Discover the power of Starband’s innovative orthotic solutions for precise head shape correction and enhanced patient comfort.

Why Choose Starband?

Starband is the most prescribed cranial remolding orthosis in the world

Versatile Orthotic Designs

Explore Starband's Seven Headband Designs

Starband offers a range of orthotic solutions, including Starband 3D, Starband Bi-valve, Starband Plus, Starband Side-Opening, Starlight Bi-valve, Starlight PRO, and Starlight Side-Opening. These designs empower clinicians to choose the optimal orthosis for each patient’s specific cranial presentation.

Discover Scan Technologies

State of the Art Scan Technologies

Starband features state-of-the-art scan technologies, including the Starscanner and the SmartSoc. These advanced tools with FDA clearance provide precise data for accurate assessment and treatment planning, enhancing clinical outcomes.

Collaborative Excellence

Join the Allstar Team

The Allstar Team comprises a network of Starband professionals who share experiences and insights to optimize patient care. Join this collaborative community to leverage the full potential of Starband products and achieve exceptional results.

Research and Studies

Explore independent research highlighting the effectiveness of Starband, Starscanner, and SmartSoc in cranial care.

Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a national health promotion and prevention initiative, led by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

CNS Guidelines

The CNS recognizes that clinical practice guidelines are potentially useful tools for improving the quality of clinical patient care.

Backed by 50+ Studies

Over 50 independent studies confirm Starband’s effectiveness, showcasing its proven success in treating cranial deformities.

The Gold Standard

Over 600,000 infants have been successfully treated with Starband. The Star Family includes different designs to meet diverse patient needs, with a common design featuring a plastic shell, side-opening, and foam liner for optimal comfort.

This design ensures full correction, leading to significant cost savings for families and payers. Most patients with deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and dolichocephaly complete treatment in just one orthosis!

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Success Stories

Advanced Scanning Technology for Head Shape Evaluations

For over two decades, Starscanner® has set the standard in cranial scanning technology for infants with cranial deformities, ensuring safety, accuracy, and efficiency in capturing essential head shape data. Developed specifically for this patient population, Starscanner remains the go-to choice for clinicians seeking precise and reliable scanning solutions.

In response to evolving needs, SmartSoc® was introduced to enhance portability and accessibility to care, especially in diverse geographic regions. Together, Starscanner and SmartSoc represent the pinnacle of accuracy in cranial scanning technology, empowering Starband clinicians to optimize clinical outcomes through improved data accuracy and streamlined processes.


Starband is distinguished by its innovative technology, dedicated clinical support, and proven success in achieving precise head shape correction with only one orthosis needed to complete treatment.

As a Starband partner, you gain access to comprehensive training resources, including online courses, workshops, and ongoing support from our experienced team of experts to enhance your practice and patient outcomes.

Starband offers a range of customization options to meet individual patient needs, including adjustable straps, padding, and design variations for optimal fit, comfort, and effectiveness.

To become certified, complete our training program and demonstrate proficiency in using Starband products. Upon certification, you’ll join a network of orthotists dedicated to excellence in cranial remolding orthosis, delivering exceptional care to patients.

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