Discover the Precision of Starscanner®

Experience the ultimate in cranial scanning technology with Starscanner. Designed for accuracy, safety, and speed, our advanced system ensures the best outcomes for your patients.


Saves Clinical Time and Money

The Starscanner® Laser Data Acquisition System facilitates high-volume scanning of infants and is used by leading children’s hospitals and cranial clinics around the world.

The Starscanner delivers the fastest scan to report data available while providing the most linear and volume data specific to cranial – including anatomical features and neck area data. 3D data can be viewed in multiple planes and captured data is easily and accurately transmitted to Orthomerica for cranial orthosis fabrication.

Starscanner Benefits

Experience the unparalleled efficiency and accuracy of Starscanner, designed to streamline your clinical workflow and enhance patient care.

High Volume Efficiency

Better facilitates clinics with high patient volume, improving workflow.

Quick Scanning

Scans an infant’s head shape in less than two seconds for fast, efficient service.

Detailed Imaging

Provides clear craniofacial imaging and captures 3D data viewable in multiple planes.

Secure Data

Data stored locally is more secure than cloud-based systems, ensuring patient privacy.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive printouts improve tracking of treatment progress for better outcomes.

Easy Uploads

STARscans and order specifications are easily uploaded to Orthomerica for seamless processing.

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Starscanner Features

Learn about how the Starscanner works and its role in treating cranial deformities in infants.

Safe and Reliable Technology

The Class 1 laser-scanning device is eye-safe and FDA-cleared, ensuring safety and accuracy in every scan.

Precision and Ease of Use

Accurate up to ± 0.5 mm and operable by a single person, the Starscanner simplifies the scanning process.

Secure Data Management

Localized data storage keeps patient information secure, facilitating the easy ordering of custom cranial remolding orthoses from Orthomerica.

Success Stories with Starscanner

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The Starscanner is a state-of-the-art laser scanning device that captures a detailed 3D image of an infant’s head in less than two seconds. It uses Class 1 laser technology, which is eye-safe and FDA-cleared for safety and accuracy.

The Starscanner is accurate up to ± 0.5 mm, providing precise measurements necessary for creating custom cranial remolding orthoses. This high level of accuracy ensures effective treatment and optimal outcomes.

The Starscanner delivers full cranial detail in approximately 15 minutes less time than handheld scanners, making it a time-efficient tool for clinics with high patient volumes. This efficiency helps streamline the patient evaluation process.

Absolutely. The Starscanner is designed to be user-friendly and can be operated by one person. Its ease of use streamlines the scanning process, making it efficient for clinics with high patient volumes.

Data from the Starscanner is stored locally, which ensures greater security compared to cloud-based systems. This means your patients’ data is kept safe and easily accessible for treatment planning and follow-up.